10 April 2024

USA vs Canada penalty shootout

USA vs Canada penalty shootout

The US Men’s National Team played Canada in a highly anticipated rematch for the second game in as few weeks. Following their dominant 6-0 victory over Trinidad and Tobago, interim coach B.J. Callahan strategically changed the starting lineup by inserting Julian Gressel in place of Cristian Roldan. However, a shocking occurrence that occurred right before the game began drew everyone’s attention. Unintentionally striking the linesman in the face with a clearing. Kamal Miller was suspended for ten minutes while the injured lineman received the appropriate medical care.The USA vs Canada match’s first speed was a little slow once it started up again. It was difficult for Canada to keep possession, as they made little progress into the USMNT’s final third.

Battle for Glory: USA vs Canada Face Off in the Gold Cup Quarterfinal

The US side, on the other hand, occasionally displayed evidence of sloppiness and sluggishness. Even when not under much pressure, they had trouble passing accurately. Frequently misplacing the ball and putting it into the path of Canadian defenders.

The game was quite slow to get going when play restarted. The USMNT’s final third was out of reach for Canada, who struggled to keep possession. On the other side, the US squad occasionally demonstrated sloppiness and sluggishness, misplacing passes and putting the ball into Canadian defenders although under little pressure.

USA’s Quest for Victory: Determination and Skill on Display

However, after 30 minutes, the nature of the game began to change. Through DeJuan Jones, the US made a good push into the box in the 33rd minute. But the ensuing corner produced no goals. Canada penetrated the right side of the USMNT, who also won a free kick, but the US defense resisted. In the 38th minute, the US maintained possession by developing their offense while playing out of pressure. It was clear that the youthful American team was getting into its stride. In the 41st minute, Canada sought to break up their flow with a risky foul. Which led to Lucas Cavallini receiving a yellow card for catching sands in the back of his ankle.

The most dangerous opportunity for Canada in the opening period occurred when Bryan Reynolds mishandled a cross in the 47th minute, nearly missing an own goal. From the ensuing corner, Canada argued for a handball against Miles Robinson. However, the referee found that someone had fouled Busio just a few moments prior, and awarded a free kick instead of a penalty.

The US dominated possession at the start of the second half. On the left side of the Canadian penalty area, near to the byline, the referee awarded Jones a dangerous free kick. Gressel took the free kick and made a goal-bound attempt, but St. Clair blocked it with a punch.

After taking down Alejandro Zendejas in midfield, Canada resorted to fouling American players and received a second yellow card in the 56th minute. The team swiftly brought in Busio to take the ensuing free kick and play it down the right side, but there were no runners in the area to meet his cross.

The USA vs Canada match's first speed was a little slow once it started up again. It was difficult for Canada to keep possession,

Canada’s Ambition Soars: Can They Outshine Their Rivals?

  • In the 57th minute, Canada committed a foul on Busio at the top of their own penalty box, and Kamal Miller received a warning for it. Busio attempted to score on a free kick, but the Canadian wall easily deflected it over the crossbar.
  • The US made progress down the left side in the 61st minute thanks to some deft combination play, especially by Ferreira. His pass to Zendejas resulted in a blocked and cleared shot. The US immediately stopped the subsequent Canadian assault, but Neal’s lost ball in the final third sparked the Canadian counter. The danger, though, swiftly disappeared, giving the US pause.
  • Gressel sent a cross into the box in the 68th minute, but no American player was able to make contact with it. The US made a comeback inside the box and found Busio, who with a well-placed shot forced a stop from St. Clair. The US soon took control after the next restart. Just after coming on as a replacement, Cade Cowell surged alone from midway into the Canadian final third, but his effort went wide of the mark.
  • Brandon Vazquez and Matt Miazga came on as substitutes in the 73rd minute, much to the joy of the home crowd. Neal was replaced by Vazquez, and Mihailovic by Miazga.
  • Cowell was able to handle a long ball near the top of the box in the 74th minute, but St. Clair calmly recovered it. A minute later, Cowell discovered Vazquez in a comparable situation, but Vazquez was unable to aim his shot. Vazquez had another chance in the 77th minute, but the referee flagged Gressel’s buildup as offside.

Gold Cup Quarterfinal Showdown: The Stage is Set for a Thrilling Encounter

  • In the 85th minute, Cowell had a shot after the US pushed St. Clair into a careless ball that went out of bounds. The shot didn’t actually represent a threat because it was fired from a little angle.
  • The US threw numbers into the box in the 86th minute, finding Busio wide open on the left. Before the referee called a foul on the Canadian defense, the defenders cleared the cross. The USMNT made a breakthrough at last. Brandon Vazquez scored the goal after DeJuan Jones’ beautiful curling pass found him in deep middle.
  • However, a second VAR review found that Miles Robinson had committed another handball within the penalty area. This time, the official indicated the location of the penalty. Stepping up for Canada, Steven Vitoria calmly put the ball in the back of the net to once again tie the game. Extra time was about to begin the game.
  • Canada took advantage of a brief lull in the USMNT’s pressing in the 94th minute. Jane Russell-Rowe and Jacob Shaffelburg, both Canadian replacements, worked together to generate a chance, but Russell-Rowe’s effort missed the target. Shaffelburg persisted in getting around Bryan Reynolds on the US’s right side by using his speed and new legs.
  • The US tried another attack in the 96th minute, but Canada stopped it, resulting in Cade Cowell being given an odd yellow card. As the first period of extra time came to an end, the US kept up its attacking strategy. A second ball was sent at Vazquez and the Canadian backline, and Busio’s effort was saved. However, Canada finally broke the tie when Shaffelburg sprinted past the US defense and slipped the ball past Turner and between Miazga’s knees.

USA vs Canada Highlights :

There were various disagreements over the coin toss and the teams’ placement throughout the shootout. Matt Turner, though, had a big influence by stopping the first Canadian penalty.
Score: 0-_
The USMNT was in the lead, but Brandon Vazquez wasted the chance by missing his shot.
Score: 0-0
For Canada’s penalty, Liam Fraser stepped up and fired to the right, but Matt Turner dived in the other way and stopped the attempt.
Score: 0-0
The fourth penalty for the US was taken by Cade Cowell, who comfortably put the ball in the goal.

Score: 0-1

For Canada’s fourth penalty shot, Kamal Miller took the field and scored, tying the score.



The sixth penalty for the US was taken calmly by Gianluca Busio, who expertly placed the ball into the top corner of the goal.

Score: 1-2

For Canada’s final penalty kick, Jacen Russell-Rowe stepped up and calmly sent Turner the wrong way.

Score: 2-2

Jesus Ferreira took the US’s final shot, and although though St. Clair correctly predicted its route and reached out to block it, he was helpless to stop the ball from going into the goal.

Score: 2-3

Canada’s crucial penalty kick was to be taken by Charles-Andreas Brym. Canada would be out if he failed. There was a distinct sense of anxiety before the ball struck the crossbar’s underside and bounced out, costing Canada the victory.

The USMNT took first place, ending Canada’s participation in the competition. The US team’s following test would be a semifinal match versus Panama on July 12 in San Diego.

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